Very early stages of learning Python, my first language. And this little bit of code is coppied straight out of the book. Why do I get an error message?

name = input("Please tell me your name: ")
print("Hello, " + name + "!")

I enter my name, Eric, and get the following error:

File greeter.py, line 1, in ,<module>
    name = input("please tell me your name: ")
file '<string>, line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'Eric is not defined
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    Check your Python version. If you are using Python 2.x you will need to use raw_input instead of input. – Hugh Bothwell Jul 18 '17 at 23:15
  • Python 3. but thanks! – ChiDrummer Jul 18 '17 at 23:17
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    ... make certain, because that is exactly the error message I would expect if you were actually running Python 2. – Hugh Bothwell Jul 18 '17 at 23:18
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    @ChiDrummer Please just substitute input with raw_input and see what happens. – cs95 Jul 18 '17 at 23:22
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    Possible duplicate of input() error - NameError: name '...' is not defined – AGN Gazer Jul 18 '17 at 23:26

Just use the raw_input() function instead. In early versions of python, the input would be run as regular python (through the eval() command). To get around this, use the raw_input() function.

name = raw_input("Please enter your name: ")
print("Hello, " + name + "!")
>>>Please enter your name: Eric
>>>Hello, Eric!
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When executing your program through a terminal, try to type 'python3 fileName.py' instead of 'python fileName.py' this may work if you are sure that you use python version 3, otherwise, just use raw_input assuming you are using an old version of python.

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