I am developing a Safari extension for both Mac and Win. My extension is a trigger point for my plugin which i am storing at ** /Library/Internet Plug-ins/** My extension's global.html is calling for my plugins mime type by an object tag

The issue is when on Mac, I load my extz through safari-extz-builder, the plugin is NOT getting called, but when I drag the same global.html to safari window, it is working. Also the same global.html is working fine on Windows.

I have repeated the same process with a generic plugin "npsimple" too which gave me same result (i.e. working on direct linking but failing on load from extension builder)

Code of my global.html:

 <object id="pluginobj" type="application/x-vnd-aplix-foo">Plugin FAILED to load</object>        
 <script type="text/javascript">
  function foo() {

Link for npsimple:


I must be missing something very stupid. Any ideas ??


Parimal Das

OSX 10.5.8 / Safari 5.0.3

  • Hey Did u get the solution? Commented Nov 12, 2013 at 5:24

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I found the same, and the only workaround I could come up with was to add the NPAPI plugin to a menu bar. It works, but it seemingly shuts itself down for no reason and I have to reload it every time it does so. Annoying.

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