I just installed a package that is not in npm registry via github like this

yarn add git+https://github.com/azazdeaz/react-color-picker-wheel.git

Now I can see it in my package.json file like this

"react-color-picker-wheel": "git+https://github.com/azazdeaz/react-color-picker-wheel.git"

However when I import it like this

import ColorPickerWheel from 'react-color-picker-wheel'

I get this error Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'react-color-picker-wheel'

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The main property of the package.json in the Github repo is set to ./lib/index.js but that file does not exist in the repository.

When you import that module, it tries to resolve the file ./lib/index.js relative to the node_modules/react-color-picker directory.

You could submit a PR to update the package.json's main property to refer to the correct file (./src/index.js, or fork the repository and update the Github url to your repo's URL. It's worth checking out the NPM docs about the main property as well :)


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