Downloaded kal.Calendar project from the link https://github.com/klazuka/Kal

I am Trying to integrate Kal.Calendar in my project.

i downloaded klazuka.kal project on my desktop.

i drag drop the kal.xcodeproj, kal.bundle.

check mark is check libKal.a under kal.xcodeproj ...

In Targets I set Direct Dependencies to Kal.

when to project setting

open the header search path... double clicked added the the source Path.

/Users/vmsetty/Desktop/klazuka-Kal-9464bf0-2 This is the path i added in header search path.

Now i open Other linker Flage added -all_load..

Now i start importing in my application ApplicationDelegate.m

import "Kal.h"

I get error Kal.h No such file or directory...

I am worried about this... How to integrate this into my project.

Any one worked on Kal integration . Please help me out.

I thankful to them.

  • any one out there... can me help me out with this integration...... – kiran kumar Dec 24 '10 at 12:03

Suggest to

  • Check the Path of Kal by clicking "Get Info". The following is defined in my project:

    Path: Kal/Kal.xcondeproj

    FullPath: "MyProjectPath"/Kal/Kal.xcodeproj

    Path Type: Relative to Project

  • Check the Kal/* is actually located in the directory of FullPath exactly.

  • Check the Header Search Paths with value like "Kal" which defined in my project.

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