I'm trying to do performance testing of a service which hits a couple of AWS endpoints. We have a JMeter script to perform that testing. But recently we came to know Gatling can scale more. So I'm trying to convert my JMeter script to Gatling script. There is a point where I need to read the private key. For that, I need to use AWS SDK. In JMeter, I just copied AWS-SDK jar file into lib folder and it worked. But I'm not sure how I need to use AWS SDK for Gartling. Can any of you have an idea about this stuff? Please help

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Gatling is Scala based. Scala is JVM based - hence, interoperable with Java:

The standard Scala backend is a Java VM. Scala classes are Java classes, and vice versa. You can call the methods of either language from methods in the other one. You can extend Java classes in Scala, and vice versa.

from here

So what you need - is to add the AWS SDK dependencies to the project you build with Gatling just like you do to any other Java/Scala lib.

There are TONS of guidlines over the Internet (and SOF in particular), depending on the build tool you use to manage your project.

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