How to insert a data from table1 column1 which is having a CLOB datatype with length 4708 chars into table2 column2 with varchar2(4000)?

Thank you in advance.

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Well, 4708 into 4000 won't go. So you'll need to trim it.

insert into table2 (column2)
select dbms_lob.substr( column1, 4000, 1 )
from table1

In oracle < 12 there are no other option, you have to trim clob to 4000 as @APC said.

In oracle 12.++ you can use extended data type. And change max length limit of varchar from 4000 to 32767. Switching from standard to extended is one-way operation. max_string_size.

After this you do simple insert from one table to another.

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