formerly CouchDB was supported via the cloudant connector:


But this project states that it is no longer active and that it moved to Apache Bahir:


So I've installed the JAR in a Scala notebook using the following command:

%AddJar http://central.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/bahir/spark-sql-cloudant_2.11/2.1.1/spark-sql-cloudant_2.11-2.1.1.jar

Then, from a python notebook, after restarting the kernel, I use the following code to test:

spark = SparkSession\
    .appName("Cloudant Spark SQL Example in Python using dataframes")\
    .config("cloudant.username", "0495289b-1beb-4e6d-888e-315f36925447-bluemix")\
    .config("jsonstore.rdd.partitions", 8)\

# ***1. Loading dataframe from Cloudant db
df = spark.read.load("openspace", "org.apache.bahir.cloudant")

But I get:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.bahir.cloudant.DefaultSource

(gist of full log)


There is one workaround, it should run in all sorts of jupyther notebook environments and is not exclusive to IBM DataScience Experience:

!pip install --upgrade pixiedust

import pixiedust


This is of course a workaround, will post the official answer once awailable


Don't forget the restart the jupyter kernel afterwards

EDIT 24.12.18: Created a yt video on this without workaround, see comments...will update this post as well at a later stage...


Another workaround below. It has been tested and works in DSX Python notebooks:

import pixiedust

# Use play-json version 2.5.9. Latest version is not supported at this time.
# Get the latest sql-cloudant library

spark = SparkSession\
  .appName("Cloudant Spark SQL Example in Python using dataframes")\
  .config("cloudant.host", host)\
  .config("cloudant.username", username)\
  .config("cloudant.password", password)\

df = spark.read.load(format="org.apache.bahir.cloudant", database="MY-DB")

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