According to Is it possible to use a Custom machine for Dataflow instances? you can set the custom machine type for a dataflow operation by specifying the name as custom-<number of cpus>-<memory in mb>

But that answer is for the Java Api and the old Dataflow version, not the new Apache Beam implementation and Python.

If I supply --worker_machine_type custom-8-5376in the 2.0.0 google-cloud-dataflow python API, I get the following error:

"(4092fe7df5a10577): The workflow could not be created. Please try again in a few minutes. If you are still unable to create a job please contact customer support. Causes: (4092fe7df5a10596): Unable to get machine type information for machine type custom-8-5376 in zone us-central1-f. Please check that machine type and zone are correct."

I also tried defining a new instance template in the compute engine and supplying the name of that template in the --worker_machine_type parameter, but that doesn't work, either.

How can you run a workflow on Dataflow 2.0.0 with a custom machine type?


per custom machine type doc: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/instances/creating-instance-with-custom-machine-type

The memory per vCPU of a custom machine type must be between 0.9 GB and 6.5 GB per vCPU, inclusive.

So for 8 vCPUs, 7424MiB is the minimum.

Could you please try again?

  • I just tried it with 8 cpus and 8GB and that works. Is there no way around this limitation? If I create a custom template in the compute engine page, I can select extended memory and this limitation doesn't seem to apply. I need a machine with 2-4 vCPU's and 80-100GB memory. – Zenon Jul 21 '17 at 6:30
  • When you create a VM on the compute engine page, you can click Equivalent REST at the very bottom of the page, which has a field machineType. If you select Extended memory, the custom machine string becomes custom-4-102400-ext. Not sure if Dataflow supports these, but perhaps give it a go – Robert Lacok Jul 21 '17 at 10:24

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