I guess there is a issue with Mandrill attachments x Hotmail/Outlook.com.

I can send e-mail attachments with Mandrill using base64_encode(). I am using the PHP library.

If I send an e-mail to Gmail or any other provider, the attachment looks fine. Downloading it and opening normally.

But sending to a Hotmail/Outlook.com, the attachments came with no extension/file format. By downloading, it can only be opened by adding the extension manually (for example, .pdf).

The code:

$file_data = file_get_contents($_FILES["test_file"]["tmp_name"])
$file_type = $_FILES["test_file"]["type"]

$mandrill = new Mandrill('MANDRILL_API_KEY_HERE');
$message = array(
  'html' => $html,
  'subject' => 'Testing',
  'from_email' => 'sender@test.com',
  'from_name' => 'Sender',
  'attachments' => array(
      'name' => 'Test PDF document',
      'type' => $file_type,
      'content' => base64_encode($file_data)
  'to' => array(
      'email' => 'to@test.com',
      'name' => 'John Doe',
      'type' => 'to'
  'headers' => array('Reply-To' => 'sender@test.com')
$result = $mandrill->messages->send($message);

Any ideas? Is it a Mandrill or Hotmail issue?



I have found the solution. Gmail and other email services recognizes the type attribute as above, but Hotmail only recognizes the file type by adding the extension to the attachment name (name attribute).

For example:

'name' => 'Test PDF document.pdf',

It look obvious, but Hotmail requires it. Sharing my simple knowledge, since I received no answers.

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