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I am very new to Python. I just installed the get-pip.py as instructed in this guide.

Now, I am trying to run

 pip install Django==1.11.3

I get a message that reads

pip is not an internal or external command

All I did was type that into the command prompt. I though that's how you install a Python library. What did I do wrong? I'm running Python 3.6 on on Windows 7.

I followed the instructions here: My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables >

Then under system variables I create a new Variable called PythonPath. In this variable I have C:\Python27\Lib;C:\Python27\DLLs;C:\Python27\Lib\lib-tk;C:\other-folders-on-the-path

enter image description here

This is all I get now.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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