I need to print only specific fields of Kubernetes Events, sorted by a specific field.

This is to help me gather telemetry and analytics about my namespace

How could I do that?


Following command does it.

It prints the events sorted by timestamp of creation.

It also users go-template to filter out specific fields of the kubernetes-event object.

kubectl get events  --sort-by='.metadata.creationTimestamp'  -o 'go-template={{range .items}}{{.involvedObject.name}}{{"\t"}}{{.involvedObject.kind}}{{"\t"}}{{.message}}{{"\t"}}{{.reason}}{{"\t"}}{{.type}}{{"\t"}}{{.firstTimestamp}}{{"\n"}}{{end}}'

If you don't mind seeing the output as JSON:

kubectl get event -o json | jq '.items |= sort_by(.lastTimestamp)'

This requires jq.

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