I installed TYPO3 ver 8.7.3 on my local machine using XAMPP. I want to build a website using Fluid Powered TYPO3, so I started to follow the instructions found in the documentation ( I'm new to this CMS ). I installed some extensions from the github page (https://github.com/FluidTYPO3) : vhs, flux, and builder. In the backend panel there is an icon under Admin Tools to access the Builder extension, yet when I click it there is an error :

Sorry, the requested view was not found.

The technical reason is: No template was found. View could not be resolved for action "index" in class "FluidTYPO3\Builder\Controller\BackendController".

I researched it thoroughly, and I couldn't find either the solution for this specific problem, nor anything that I could use to deduce anything helpful.

So, what should I do to resolve this ?

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