Is it possible to share a particular resource (redis cache in my case) across multiple resource group?

  • What do you mean by sharing? – Gaurav Mantri Jul 21 '17 at 12:09
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Your redis cache could be used from any code you write, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or wherever, given proper uri + access key.

As long as you have access keys/passwords/etc. to your resources, you can use your resources no matter what resource group they're in. This includes ssh keys, vm usernames/passwords, redis cache keys, storage keys, cosmos db keys, sql database logins, etc.

The only thing access-specific, with resource groups, is granted user permissions. That is: if you add someone as a contributor to resource group A, and not to resource group B, they won't be able to manipulate the settings in resource group B via the portal or any of the Management APIs. Still, they'd be able to work with all of the resources in resource group B, assuming they had the login details / keys / etc.

Resource group is just logical container. It doesn't matter in which resource group resource is. You can use resources from any resource group.

Imagine that you create App Service Plan in RG1 and Web App Service in RG2. This Web App Service can use App Service Plan from RG1.

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