My table column data-type is String. It contains values like a;b;c, d;e;f and so on. This means that all values are separated by a ;. I am looking for the values b and f. Please suggest a query will return rows containing a;b;c and d;e;f using query builder.

You probably want to look into the out-of-the-box implementations of the atg.repository.servlet.SearchFormHandler and what it can do for you. That said, your query is likely going to require some string manipulation and may look like this:

fieldName STARTS_WITH ?';' OR fieldName CONTAINS ';'?';' OR fieldName ENDS_WITH ';'?

The above may need to be built up in your JAVA code using a StringBuffer to ensure that the ? input string (eg. b or f) is correctly quoted with the ; marks. Not sure if you'll be able to do this as a property file outside of JAVA.

The above should work but also can't guarantee the speed.

You may also need to add _IGNORE_CASE to the respective operators but you didn't specify the need in your question.

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