mac os X yosemite

help..I am encountering a problem with Android studio while connect to my phone debugging through USB. after installing tizen studio few days ago

./adb device

Could not open interface: e00002c5

i was check here here and here, my problem was similar to this but not working for me

  • error code e00002c5 means the device is already in use by another driver.
  • some case because tizen studio was running, but i dont open tizen studio
  • easytheter, i dont have it
  • Set device in Developer mode and enable USB debugging
  • Cable works well (Android file transfer automatically opens when I connect the device)
  • Installed Java JDK 8 (before tizen instalation)
  • I have done 'adb kill-server', restarted my device and Mac but still not working



found weird solution -_- open tizen studio and close it make my adb work

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