I have a model called Agency.

One of the rows from an Agency active record looks as follows:

#<Agency id: 1, name: "Hello", contact_person: "Abhimanyu", phone_number: "946159", email: "[email protected] ", local_package: false, outstation: true, remarks: nil, status: 1>

Here I want to change the value of status to 0 . How can I do that?


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Ruby on Rails provides many methods for updating an activerecord. You can get differences of each method from this blog post.

agency = Agency.find(1)
  1. update

    agency.update(status: 0)
  2. update_attribute

    agency.update_attribute(:status, 0)
  3. update_column

    agency.update_column(:status, 0)
  4. update_columns

    agency.update_columns(status: 0)
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You can also use this

Agency.find(1).update_column(:status, 0)


You need the update_column method. Try this:

agency = Agency.find(1)
agency.update_column(:status, 0)

You should spend some time reading the Ruby on Rails Guides.


To update, you can use:

agency.update_column(:status, 0)

But update_column will ignore all the validations that you may have on your model.

If you don’t want to ignore your model validations, I recommend you to use:

agency.update status: 0

The method update_attributes is deprecated on rails 6 (https://blog.saeloun.com/2019/04/15/rails-6-deprecates-update-attributes.html)

To find the record that you want to update, you can use .find or .where methods. If you can find by ID use:

agency = Agency.find(1)

If you need to find by other fields, use .where:

agency = Agency.where(email: '[email protected]').first

The .first is used since the .where will return a Array with objects, and you need to select an object inside. If the object that you want isn't the first one, you can use .last.

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