DOC for select attribute:

select indicates which columns should be selected from the storage

This works as expected:

$rs->search( undef, { select => [ 'me.id', 'me.user_id' ] } )
   ->search( undef, { select => [ 'me.role_id' ] } )

$rs->as_query; # SELECT "me"."role_id" FROM "users_roles" "me"

But this does not:

$rs->search( undef, { prefetch => [ 'User' ] } )
   ->search( undef, { select => [ 'User.name' ] } )

$rs->as_query; # SELECT "User"."name", "User"."id", "User"."email", "User"."name" FROM "users_roles" "me"  JOIN "users" "User" ON "User"."id" = "me"."user_id"

The prefetch implies +columns ( which is: +select and +as ).
I alter select in second search by requesting only one column: name

What did I miss?
Why I still get columns name, id, email, name instead of only one name?

  • Related mailing list thread. – nwellnhof Jul 22 '17 at 19:07
  • @nwellnhof: Thank you for the link, but I, actually, not exclude. I say: "Select me only one column" but it selects me another columns too. That is redundantly. – Eugen Konkov Jul 22 '17 at 19:40
  • The thread is still somewhat related. Anyway, prefetch simply works independently from select. – nwellnhof Jul 22 '17 at 19:53
  • Have you tried get_column ? As in $rs->get_column('name')? – bytepusher Jul 22 '17 at 20:39
  • The select is for telling it what to select from the tables you're querying. But the prefetch is more of an addon that fetches related rows from other tables, so you'll have a single multi-join query instead of later doing multiple individual queries. You cannot ask it to only prefetch a few cols. I think you can tell it to do get only th User.name if you build the join yourself with join instead of prefetch. – simbabque Jul 22 '17 at 21:11

If I rewrite prefetch by join. This works fine:

$rs->search( undef, { 
    ,join => [ 'User' ]
    ,collaplse => 1
    ,'+columns' => [map
        { +{ "cds.$_" => "cds.$_" } }
})->search( undef, { select => [ 'User.name' ] } )

$rs->as_query; # SELECT "User"."name" FROM "users_roles" "me"  JOIN "users" "User" ON "User"."id" = "me"."user_id"

So it seems there is a bug with prefetch. Because join+collapse++columns is not same as prefetch:


This attribute is a shorthand for specifying a "join" spec, adding all columns from the joined related sources as "+columns" and setting "collapse" to a true value.

Also docs states:

For example, the following two queries are equivalent

As you can see join and prefetch are not equivalent

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