With SQlite, how do you show current PRAGMA settings?

And when setting them, are they persistent, or do they need to be set with every query?



In the simplest form, current pragma settings can be obtained by simply executing an sql statement with the syntax PRAGMA <command>. For example, when debugging in PHP using PDO, you could do something like this:

$db = new PDO("sqlite: myDb.sqlite");
$synchronous = $db->query("PRAGMA synchronous")->fetchColumn();

To set the values, use PRAGMA <command> = <value>. There will be no return value, however (so don't bother with fetching anything).

$db->query("PRAGMA synchronous = OFF");

As to the second question of whether the commands are persistent, as turlando said, there is no general answer as it is depends on which PRAGMA statement is being issued. Just check the sqlite pragma docs to be sure. And if you are uncertain, simply use the above code to check whether your settings have persisted.

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