I'm learning Automapper, and EF Core, and stumbled onto a problem, while trying to model get-only property, which is calculated based on navigation property. I'm having two models:

public class Parent 
    public int Id {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}
    public ICollection<Child> Childs {get;set;}
    public int WantedChildCount {get{return Childs?.Count(c=>c.Type!=1)??0;}
public class Child
    public int Id {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}
    public int Type {get;set;}

One DTO:

public class VM
    public string Name{get;set;}
    public int WantedCount{get;set;}

And trying to automap VM from Parent like:

var c = context.Parents.Include(p => p.Childs).ProjectTo<VM>().FirstOrDefault();

Automapper configured like this:

    cfg.CreateMap<Parent, VM>()
    .ForMember(d=>d.WantedCount, o => o.MapFrom(s=>s.WantedChildCount));

The problem is that in resulting VM field WantedCount isn't populated. In logs I've found message

The Include operation for navigation: 'p.Childs' was ignored because the target navigation is not reachable in the final query results. 

It's easy so split this operation into two separate: first take Parent, and then Mapper.Map. Also, it could work when changing Map like this:

cfg.CreateMap<Parent, VM>()
    .ForMember(d=>d.WantedCount, o => o.MapFrom(s=>s.Childs(c=>c.Type!=1));

But this way I'll ignore get-only property in model totally. I'd like to understand what the problem is, and how could I solve it.

Or maybe I should even somehow move calculation to DB side? But I'd like to avoid storing this property in database.


ProjectTo is the Auto Mapper equivalent of Queryable.Select, hence the resulting query fall into EF Core Ignored Includes category.

As usual with IQuerable<T> queries, you should use explicit expression which can be mapped to SQL, e.g. something like this accessiong directly the navigation property

o.MapFrom(s => s.Childs.Count(c => c.Type != 1))

Note that while this should populate the desired WantedChildCount, the Include will still be ignored.

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  • Well, that's sad. I wanted to get mapping in DB layer, guess I'll refactor my *Count property to be calculated on DB side somehow. Thanks, I'm accepting your answer, because it's correct, and I've been reading about it earlier. I asked a question trying to find alternative... – soralex Jul 24 '17 at 3:19

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