I try to create a Xamarin.iOS class library, which uses SkiaSharp internally. I would like to distribute the final class library as a single dll without external dependencies. For this purpose I use ILMerge (or ILRepack). Final dll is successfully created but when I try to call some method from my class library I get DllNotFoundException. Here is the stack trace:

{System.DllNotFoundException: @rpath/libSkiaSharp.framework/libSkiaSharp at (wrapper managed-to-native) SkiaSharp.SkiaApi:sk_filestream_new (string) at SkiaSharp.SKFileStream..ctor (System.String path) [0x00000] in <9d222c42d8aa4f729033b25ddebc012a>:0 at SkiaSharp.SKBitmap.Decode (System.String filename) [0x00011] in <9d222c42d8aa4f729033b25ddebc012a>:0 at TestMerge.TestClass.TestMethod (System.String imageFile) [0x00001] in <9d222c42d8aa4f729033b25ddebc012a>:0 at Tests.Xamarin.Tests.Test001 () [0x00002] in /Users/mac1/Projects/awxamarin/Xamarin.Tests/Tests.Xamarin/Tests.cs:19 }

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a simple Xamarin.iOS class library.
  2. Add reference to SkiaSharp
  3. Create some simple public class with method that uses SkiaSharp. For example

    namespace TestMerge
        public class TestClass
            public static void TestMethod(string imageFile)
                SkiaSharp.SKBitmap bmp = SkiaSharp.SKBitmap.Decode(imageFile);
  4. Build the project and merge dlls using ILMerge (or ILRepack if you like it more). Here is the command used to merge dlls:

    ILMerge.exe /log:C:\Temp\ILMerge.log /internalize /ndebug /targetplatform:v4,"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\ReferenceAssemblies\Microsoft\Framework\Xamarin.iOS\v1.0" /out:C:\Temp\TestMerge.dll C:\Temp\TestMerge\TestMerge\bin\Debug\TestMerge.dll C:\Temp\TestMerge\TestMerge\bin\Debug\SkiaSharp.dll

  5. Create Xamarin.iOS application (I used UnitTest application for testing) add reference to created dll, call method TestMethod. As the result the System.DllNotFoundException: @rpath/libSkiaSharp.framework/libSkiaSharp occurs.

I tried to decompile my dll and libSkiaSharp.framework is there, it is embedded as a resource, just like in SkiaSharp.dll. Any help is appreciated, I am stuck with this. By the way, exactly the same approach works fine for Xamarin.Android.


I finally get it worked. The solution was simple as always :). To make it work it is required to add the following attribute into the AssemblyInfo.cs of the main class library project:

[assembly: ObjCRuntime.LinkWith("libSkiaSharp.framework", SmartLink = true)]

Hope this will be useful for others

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