I just discovered Laravel Scout and I wanted to make a search with where clausure. The code shown below

$notes = Note::search($request->lecturer_search)->where([
            ['course_code_number', '=', $request->course_code_number_search]

But I'm getting this error:

Type error: Too few arguments to function Laravel\Scout\Builder::where(), 1 passed in /home/vagrant/www/Bee/app/Http/Controllers/SearchController.php on line 36 and exactly 2 expected

When I remove where clausure, there is no problem.

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Scout has it's own where() method which accepts just two parameters: field and value. So do this:

->where('course_id', $course_id)
->where('course_code_number', $request->course_code_number_search)

Instead of this:

    ['course_code_number', '=', $request->course_code_number_search]

You can look at the source code of the where() method here.



I generate to queries. One via relational search. And on with scout. Then I reduce the relational results with the results of the scout search.

In your case:

$notes = Note::where([
    ['course_code_number', '=', $request->course_code_number_search]
$notesSearchResults = Note::search($request->lecturer_search);
$searchResultIds = $notesSearchResults->map(function ($item, $key) {
            return $item['id'];
$notes = $notes->whereIn('notes.id', $searchResultIds)->get();

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