I have 21 variables in 4 distinct forms (original data, averages, log and log1p transformations). I would like to plot them in one large (long) figure of 4 cols and 21 rows. I have been playing around with the arguments a lot... "width" and "height", chaged the units, changed the resolution tried png, jpeg, pdf... bunches of combinations, but I can't manage to get the figure, I get that old message:

Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large

Sometimes, deppending on the values I choose, I get a poor figure, but then I try to open it and windows give me a message that says that I don't have permission to open that file (???). I was told that R must be writing a corrupted file. I'm brand new to R and don't know what else to do. Any tips or materials I can read to get a solution? Here is my code... If the dataframe with the variables is relevant, let me know and I'll figure a way to provide (it's huge)

####  4  Histograms ####


jpeg(filename = "histograms.jpeg", width = 30, height = 60, units = "cm", pointsize = 12, bg = "white", res = 120)

   par(pty = "m", mfrow = c(21, 4), cex.lab = 1 , cex.main = 0.9);

for(i in 1:ncol(climData_num_2)){

# All clim data
hist((climData_num_2)[,i],prob=TRUE,breaks =40, col ="thistle", xlab=(colnames((climData_num_2)[i])),main = paste("Histogram of" ,   colnames((climData_num_2)[i])))
curve(dnorm(x, mean=mean(((climData_num_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE), sd=sd(((climData_num_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE)), col="blue",lwd=2, add=TRUE)
lines(density(sort((climData_num_2)[,i])), col="red",lwd=2, add=TRUE)

# Average variables  
hist((av_cdn_2)[,i],prob=TRUE,breaks =40, col ="thistle", xlab=(colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])),main = paste("Histogram of" , colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])))
curve(dnorm(x, mean=mean(((av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE), sd=sd(((av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE)), col="blue",lwd=2, add=TRUE)
lines(density(sort((av_cdn_2)[,i])), col="red",lwd=2, add=TRUE)

# Log transformed
hist(log(av_cdn_2)[,i],prob=TRUE,breaks =40, col ="thistle", xlab=(colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])),main = paste("Histogram of log" , colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])))
curve(dnorm(x, mean=mean((log(av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE), sd=sd((log(av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE)), col="blue",lwd=2, add=TRUE)
lines(density(sort(log(av_cdn_2)[,i])), col="red",lwd=2, add=TRUE)

# log1p transformed
hist(log1p(av_cdn_2)[,i],prob=TRUE,breaks =40, col ="thistle", xlab=(colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])),main = paste("Histogram of log1p" , colnames((av_cdn_2)[i])))
curve(dnorm(x, mean=mean(log1p((av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE), sd=sd(log1p((av_cdn_2)[,i]),na.rm=TRUE)), col="blue",lwd=2, add=TRUE)
lines(density(sort(log1p(av_cdn_2[,i]))), col="red",lwd=2, add=TRUE)


All suggestions are apreciated Thank you in advance


data.frames to run the code:

  • Can you rewrite your code so that it is reproducible? Check out this link: How to make a great R reproducible example? – Alex Jul 24 '17 at 19:42
  • Try adding mar=c(1,1,1,1) to your par statement – G5W Jul 24 '17 at 20:12
  • @Alex, thank you for this link... I'm now using deput to give you a bit of the dataframes I use.. They are huge, so I'm usig ony he first 10 lines, but I believe th core runs with this – Thai Jul 24 '17 at 20:41
  • 2
    Additionally to what G5W suggested remove the add argument in lines(). This is working for me. – Alex Jul 24 '17 at 21:04
  • 1
    Can you open this dropbox.com/s/zt6nqfajzl04mvn/histograms.jpeg?dl=0? – Alex Jul 24 '17 at 21:16

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