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What is the !! operator in JavaScript?

Sorry if this one is obvious but I can't google it

What is the "!!" operator in Javascript? e.g

if (!!window.EventSource) { var source = new EventSource('stream.php'); } else { // Result to xhr polling :( }

Did the author just use "!" twice i.e a double negation? I'm confused because this is in the official doc

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It will convert anything to true or false:

!!0    // => false
!!1    // => true 
!!'a'  // => true
!!''   // => false
!!null // => false

Technically, !! is not an operator, it is just two ! operators next to each other. But a double-negation is pointless unless you are using !! like an operator to convert to Boolean type.

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  • @vonconrad: But IMHO your answer is better because one should in the first place explain that there is no such thing as an !! operator and only then explain that it is the side-effect of doing negation twice that is wanted. – slebetman Dec 25 '10 at 8:16
  • @slebetman: Fair point. Still, browsersenior's examples are better than mine. ;) – vonconrad Dec 25 '10 at 8:20

In most languages, !! is double negation, as ! is negation. Consider this:

# We know that...
!false == true

# And therefore...
!!false == false
!!true == true

It's often used to check whether a value exists and is not false, as such:

!!'some string' == true
!!123 == true
!!myVar == true

!! is used to convert a non-zero/non-null value to boolean true and a zero/null value to false.

E.g. if a = 4, then !a = false and !!a = !(!a) = true.

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