I've recently moved from dreamweaver to aptana and tried to make aptana as similiar as possible;)

Lots of changes are done but I still can't find the way to make code font smaller (in dreamweaver code is much more legible cos font is not so big)

and much more important: is there a way to turn on a class suggestion? You know - when you have got millions of custom classes and for example you type:

I can't fint it anywhere;( Any help appreciate:)


Giuseppe R is correct. That is the general method for changing fonts in Eclipse and Aptana Studio 2.

In Aptana Studio 3 and Titanium Studio, you can edit the text editor/Terminal/console font by going to Window > Preferences > Aptana Studio > Themes.

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A late reply but at least it may be useful if anyone else had to struggle with the same thing.

From the top menu select Window then Preferences, navigate to General\Appearance\Color and Fonts\Basic, edit font size in Text Font.

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... and on a Mac, its the 'Aptana Studio 3' option from the top menu followed by 'Preferences' then 'General/Appearances/colors & fonts'

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