I am currently working in PHP in my localhost. I have php version 5.5.9-1, apache2 version 2.4.7, and Mysql Ver 14.14 in my Ubuntu 14.04. But how to check whether I am using LAMP or XAMPP?

I tried typing "lamp" and "xampp" in terminal. But it shows "command not found". Should I come to the conclusion that these things(apache, mysql and php) were installed seperately?


You have to understand this :


For LAMP setup, you have to install PHP, Apache and Mysql packages separately. In LAMP you don't get anything to manage your server in GUI way. For Ex: To start apache server you have to type command in terminal. To start apache : sudo service apache2 start

For installing LAMP refer :



It is a complete package which comes bundled with PHP,Apache, Mysql etc in a single installation. It gives you a control panel from which you can manage your server and configuration files.It is something of this sort.

enter image description here

For XAMPP : https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html

If you don't find xampp control panel in your system, this means you have a LAMP setup. i.e : first option.


In my case I have installed XAMPP for Linux (LAMPP) in Ubuntu 18.10

How can you know it?

  1. Try to go to /opt/lampp
  2. If you can, it means Xampp for Linux it's installed, but if you want to know the version, in the same path of step 1, put in your command line ./xampp status You will know XAMPP for Linux version and Apache, MySQL and ProFTPD status (running or not).

Know PHP version

cd /opt/lampp/bin
./php -v

Know MySQL (MariaDB) version

cd /opt/lampp/bin
./mysql --version

Know Apache version

cd /opt/lampp/bin
./apachectl -v

I hope helps somebody

./xampp status image


The lamp package installs apache, mysql and php separately.

In ubuntu you should have the apache installed on /etc/apache2

the mysql installed on /etc/mysql

and the php installed on /usr/share/php

If you are developing you can use PHP's built-in server.

  • I have apache, mysql, and php installed in my system. Does it imply that I have LAMP? – Skn Jul 25 '17 at 12:39
  • Yes, it does! You have LAMP installed. – Paulo Lima Jul 27 '17 at 18:35


xampp -v

If xampp is installed it will display the version else its not installed.

  • Good. It means xampp is not installed :) – informer Jul 25 '17 at 12:37
  • @informer I'm sure that I've install XAMPP on my Ubuntu Server (my webpage is working) but when i try this command, it shows "command not found" too. – Luke Sep 11 '18 at 3:16

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