I want to Gnu Screen to dynamically rename the current Screen window after the current directory. Is there any way to get Screen to do this? If it requires patching the source, I'd like to know that's the only option.


This is indeed seems to be possible, check out Automagic screen window titles and Dynamic Titles section from the screen manual.


This function will give you a command call title which you can then use to change the screen window title.

title() { printf $'\ek%s\e\\' "$1"; }

If you're using a decent shell (like zsh) you have precmd and prexec hooks from which you can run any command before and after a prompt. I suggest you use these to update the window title.

Patched the above together from info found on: GNU Screen: Title Examples

(Sorry, brief answer, I'm in a bit of a hurry and might expand this later.)

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