I have some_script.php. How I can convert this file in bytecode form? Which is a state after the initial processing of the script by the php-analyzer. Something like .pyc form for .py-scripts in python.

Is it possible to do this with the help of an actual version php-interpreter(7.1)? Since tools like bcompiler look undeveloped today:(.

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  • Why do you want this? Perhaps you're really looking for a PHP opcode cache…?! – deceze Jul 25 '17 at 14:35
  • @deceze That would make the script difficult to edit in a production environment. – YuryChu Jul 25 '17 at 14:40
  • So you want it as a form of obfuscation…? – deceze Jul 25 '17 at 14:42
  • @deceze Yes. In general terms, yes. – YuryChu Jul 25 '17 at 14:45
  • There's one solution that is used by facebook, called HipHop for PHP. Look at this thread: stackoverflow.com/questions/8132016/… – arvymetal Jul 25 '17 at 14:47

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