I'm using Intellij IDEA for a Scala project. Many of my files have icons with two red horizontal lines on them, like so:

I don't know what these mean. I've looked at the Intellij Symbols reference (would link to it but I don't have enough rep) but didn't see these icons listed. I also tried mousing over each icon to see if there were any tooltips, but I didn't get anything useful.

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IntelliJ uses glyphs to give you a visual clue to the language of a file (below you see a python one and a Scala one). The two lines are reminiscent of the Scala logo, (which actually has 3 strips, see for example https://www.scala-lang.org)

enter image description here)

  • Thanks! I'm new to Scala. :) – user1509145 Jul 25 '17 at 20:16
  • would be nice to have reference to all scala related intellij icons – joey baruch Mar 22 at 6:07

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