I am using Fedora 25. I'm trying to install gcc on fedora25 using the sudo dnf install gcc command. It is always showing:

Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'updates'

I am also getting the same error when I try to install other packages. What am I doing wrong?


I just ran into this as well. Adding the verbose flag showed the $releasever wasn't set in the url. Check this yourself with dnf update -v

Look for these lines in the output:

Cannot download 'https://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/metalink?repo=fedora-$releasever&arch=x86_64': Cannot prepare internal mirrorlist: file "repomd.xml" was not found in metalink. 
Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'fedora'

I fixed the issue with dnf clean all && dnf update --releasever=25. This overrides the $releasever with the one you supply. After that, I was able to update and install rpms again.


I had a similar problem (with the same error message appearing) when I was trying to do the update while I was traveling to another country. After I was back, it was automatically resolved and I was able to update and do everything as normal again.

You may try to use the answer in the comments on this other question, which suggests using

 yum-deprecated update

Otherwise, this error probably means you need to change your local links to the mirrors, by

dnf --refresh upgrade 

as answered here or manually to a one that works where you are now using something like the instructions in this url: https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/rhel5-fedora-core-add-new-yum-repository.html


try clean and update before install solved my problem:

dnf clean all

dnf update

dnf install gcc


In my case, the proxy server respond content-length:0 for CONNECT method + https. The libcurl of feodra26 closed the connection for content-length:0.

Http instead of https worked. But the package was legacy and moved to archive. The archive is only available for the https site.
UH Mathematics site provided mirror fadora26. I resolved it by using the site with http.


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