Let me clarify what I want to do.

I have a python script in my local machine that performs a lot of stuff and in certain point it have to call another python script that must be executed into a docker container. Such script have some input arguments and it returns some results.

So i want to figure out how to do that.


def function()
    do stuff
    do more stuff

    ''' call another local script that must be executed into a docker'''

    result = execute_python_script_into_a_docker(python script arguments)

The docker has been launched in a terminal as:

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 my_docker

You can add your file inside docker container thanks to -v option.

docker run -it -v myFile.py:/myFile.py -p 8888:8888 my_docker

And execute your python inside your docker with : py /myFile.py

or with the host :

docker run -it -v myFile.py:/myFile.py -p 8888:8888 my_docker py /myFile.py

And even if your docker is already running

docker exec -ti docker_name py /myFile.py

docker_name is available after a docker ps command.

Or you can specify name in the run command like :
docker run -it --name docker_name -v myFile.py:/myFile.py -p 8888:8888 my_docker

It's like : -v absoluteHostPath:absoluteRemotePath

You can specify folder too in the same way -v myFolder:/customPath/myFolder

More details at docker documentation.

  • Yes i'm aware that i can do that, but the question here is how can i do it from another local python script, i'm not able to figure out how do that, I mean the script_1 must run in local machine, and then in certain point of the rutine it must call the other script (script_2) in the docker... – Abiud Rds Jul 26 '17 at 11:18
  • You have to execute from shell. Try to launch your command in shell with python : stackoverflow.com/questions/89228/… – Mathieu Lescaudron Jul 26 '17 at 11:37

you have to use docker exec -it image_name python /filename

Note: To use 'docker exec' you must run the container using docker run


You can use docker's python SDK library. First you need to move your script there, I recommend you do it when you create the container or when you start it as Mathieu Lescaudron mentioned:

docker run -it -v myFile.py:/myFile.py -p 8888:8888 my_docker

Then to run the script using the library:

client = docker.client.from_env()
container = client.containers.get(CONTAINER_ID)
exit_code, output = container.exec_run("python your_script.py script_args")

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