I am needing to add custom aria-labels to each of the menu (and sub-menu) items in my WordPress website. It is running a custom theme.

I would like the aria-labels to include the page title like this:

aria-label="Page Title"

So in the end each LI within the navigation menu structure would look something like this:

<li id="id_name" class="class_names"><a href="http://linktothepage.com/page" aria-label="TITLE OF MY PAGE">TITLE OF MY PAGE</a></li>

What is the most efficient way to do this? A filter? Something else?

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    Why do you want to add aria-labels? In the example you provide, it merely repeats what a screen reader would announce without them (the linked text). – steveax Jul 27 '17 at 1:57

You must have a title attribute in <a> tag, you really wont require a aria-label attr then. All screen readers read the title of tag automatically.

aria-label might have been required in case you didnt have the content as clean text but more of a HTML code.

when you click on any link, you must add attr aria-selected="true"

so the end result being:

<li id="id_name" class="class_names">
    <a href="http://linktothepage.com/page" title="TITLE OF MY PAGE">TITLE OF MY PAGE</a>

If the navigation menu item on page load is the selected item then:

<li id="id_name" class="class_names">
    <a href="http://linktothepage.com/page" title="TITLE OF MY PAGE" aria-selected="true">TITLE OF MY PAGE</a>

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