What does the novalidate attribute do in a form tag in HTML?

  • novalidate attribute tells browser to not do the default (done by the browser itself) form validation. This attribute was introduced in HTML5. – Ajeet Shah Jul 26 '17 at 21:38

Adding a novalidate attribute to the form element prevents native validation on form elements (if applied), allowing your JavaScript unobstructed ability to manage all validation

Based on the HTML5 course on Linda:

The novalidate attribute prevents forms from running their validation logic when the form is submitted. In other words, it always lets the form submission process go through regardless of what the results of validation logic would normally.Now why would you want to do some like that? Well, one main use of this is to allow a user to save a form's state so they can continue later without having to first validate all the entries.

So if your web site, for example, is having a user fill out a form and the user wants to be able to save their progress, you can disable your form's validation laws, and let them submit the form and continue on later without having to force them to validate everything first

There are two attributes actually that enforces behavior. If you want to use novalidate directly on the form tag, you can use the novalidate atrribute right on the form itself.You can also do this on per control basis.


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