When you add an element with a directive to the DOM using another element's ElementRef.nativeElement.innerHTML property, the directive does not fire. How do I add an element to the DOM in a way that causes the directive to fire?

If in my component I do something like the following:

export class AppComponent implements OnInit {

    constructor(private _elem: ElementRef) { }    

    ngOnInit() {
        this._elem.nativeElement.innerHTML = '<span myDirective>Foo</span>';


(This is a major simplification over my actual implementation, so let's ignore that this is bad practice for a second)

Then the myDirective that appears to be attached to the <span> will never actually run.

The question is: how do I get angular to recognize the new element with the directive so that it runs?


On the fly compilation is removed from Angular 2+. Another Alternative loading components dynamically using Dynamic Component Loader. For this you have to change your existing implementation



If you are nesting components inside each other, you need to look at:

Joshua Morony also did an Ionic youtube video - covering these Angular features.

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