I need help with a python game im working on (I just started learning Python about 3 days ago, so I'm still a nOob =)

This is what I came up with:

import random 

from time import sleep 

print "Please select: " 
print "1  Rock" 
print "2  Paper" 
print "3  Scissors" 

player = input ("Choose from 1-3: ") 

if player == 1: 
    print "You choose Rock" 
    sleep (2) 
    print "CPU chooses Paper" 
    sleep (.5) 
    print "You lose, and you will never win!" 

elif player == 2: 
    print "You choose Paper" 
    sleep (2) 
    print "CPU chooses Scissors" 
    sleep (.5) 
    print "You lose, and you will never win!" 

    print "You choose Scissors" 
    sleep (2) 
    print "CPU chooses Rock" 
    sleep (.5) 
    print "You lose, and you will never win!"

and what I want the program to do is to RANDOMLY choose 1 out of the three options (rock paper scissors) no matter what the user inputs!

  • It is perfectly fine now. – PyRulez Jul 11 '13 at 16:17

Well, you've already imported the random module, that's a start.

Try the random.choice function.

>>> from random import choice
>>> cpu_choice = choice(('rock', 'paper', 'scissors'))
import random

names = 'ROCK', 'PAPER', 'SCISSORS'

def beats(a, b):
    if (a,b) in ((ROCK, PAPER), (PAPER, SCISSORS), (SCISSORS, ROCK)): 
        return False

    return True

print "Please select: " 
print "1  Rock" 
print "2  Paper" 
print "3  Scissors" 

player = int(input ("Choose from 1-3: "))
cpu = random.choice((ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS))

if cpu != player:
    if beats(player, cpu):
        print "player won"
        print "cpu won"
    print "tie!"

print names[player-1], "vs", names[cpu-1]
  • Neat! I had to make one too. =) – PEZ Jan 17 '09 at 18:49
  • 3
    Your beats function is a little clunky... why not just "return (a,b) in ((PAPER, ROCK), (SCISSORS, PAPER), (SCISSORS, ROCK))"? – Kiv Apr 29 '09 at 19:03

Inspired by gumuz:

import random

WEAPONS = 'Rock', 'Paper', 'Scissors'

for i in range(0, 3):
  print "%d %s" % (i + 1, WEAPONS[i])

player = int(input ("Choose from 1-3: ")) - 1
cpu = random.choice(range(0, 3))

print "%s vs %s" % (WEAPONS[player], WEAPONS[cpu])
if cpu != player:
  if (player - cpu) % 3 < (cpu - player) % 3:
    print "Player wins"
    print "CPU wins"
  print "tie!"
  • Can you explain if (player - cpu) % 3 < (cpu - player) % 3: line? – koogee Jul 26 '13 at 11:12

use dictionaries

loseDic = { 'rock'     : 'paper',
            'paper'    : 'scissors',
            'scissors' : 'rock',

## Get the human move, chose a random move, bla bla bla...

if robotMove == humanMove:
elif humanMove == loseDic[robotMove]:
  • 5
    An optimist would have called it winDic with the matches modified accordingly ;) – sjngm Sep 14 '11 at 17:05

Not an expert, but here is what I have thus far, using a __name__ == '__main__' statement may be helpful if you need the computer to generate an answer and keep it clean and concise.

No solution given.

import random

def is_tie(move1, move2):

'''FIX! (parameter types) -> return type

    Return True if move1 and move2 are the same.'''

    if move1 == move2:
        return True

def is_win(move1, move2):
    '''FIX! (parameter types) -> return type

    Return True iff move1 beats move2 in rock-paper-scissors.'''

    choice1 = scissor > paper,
    choice2 = paper > rock,
    choice3 = rock > scissor   

    return choice1 or choice2 or choice3

    if move1 > move2:

    return True

if __name__ == '__main__':

    # Get a move from the user.
    print "Rock, Paper, Scissor",    
    move1 = raw_input("What is your move? ")

    # Now, to generate a random move for the computer. Tricky... Here are some examples and suggestions, no solution given.

    if move2(random.randint(1,3)) == 1:
        print "paper"
    elif move2(random.randint(1,3)) == 2:
        print "rock"
        print "scissor"

    # Evaluate who wins and then print out an appropriate message.    
    #if solution(move1, move2):
    #   print 
    #if move2 > move1:
    #    usr_fail = (raw_input('I win!!'))
    #    print usr_fail
    #if move2 < move1:
    #    usr_win  = (raw_input('Damn it!'))
    #    print usr_win
    #if move2 == move1
    #usr_draw = (raw_input('Draw!!!')
    #    print usr_draw

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