Having troubles understanding the relationship direction in returned paths.

I have a graph like this


Now I am matching all paths starting from the start node in the direction of :NEXT up to a length of 10, say. Query looks like

MATCH t=((:START)-[:NEXT*..10]->(:NODE))

I am getting output paths with seemingly mixed up :NEXT directions like


and I can't understand where the alternating directions come from.

EDIT: The graph is just a straight line (with one direction). No cycles, no branch-offs. Please replicate the scenario in the shell with the following:

MATCH (s:START) MERGE (s)-[:NEXT]->(a:NODE)-[:NEXT]->(b:NODE)-[:NEXT]->(c:NODE)-[:NEXT]->(d:NODE);
MATCH t=((:START)-[:NEXT*..10]->()) return t;

| t                                                                            |
| (:START)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)                                                    |
| (:START)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)<-[:NEXT]-(:NODE)                                   |
| (:START)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)<-[:NEXT]-(:NODE)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)                  |
| (:START)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)<-[:NEXT]-(:NODE)-[:NEXT]->(:NODE)<-[:NEXT]-(:NODE) |

See how in the returned paths, the arrows alternate in direction? That's what is confusing me.

  • Please, take a look here and execute the query. I only edited your query changin :ST to :START and :N to :NEXT. I believe these are typo errors. For me the result looks ok, not? – Bruno Peres Jul 27 '17 at 12:50
  • please see the question above with typos corrected – tscherg Jul 27 '17 at 13:01
  • I executed your queries step by step again and the results looks ok. Take a look here. – Bruno Peres Jul 27 '17 at 13:33
  • 1
    That's cool. But it still doesn't answer the question why the arrow direction is shown as alternating in cypher-shell – tscherg Jul 27 '17 at 14:09
  • The problem really occurs in cypher-shell. I updated my answer and opened a issue in the Github of cypher-shell. – Bruno Peres Jul 27 '17 at 15:02

From the edit of original question:

EDIT: The graph is just a straight line (with one direction). No cycles, no branch-offs. Please replicate the scenario in the shell with the following:

Executing the statements in cypher-shell the issue really occurs. Seems to me a bug. I searched by this problem in the Github of cypher-shell and found nothing. So I opened an issue.


The issue I opened on Github was referenced in this commit. Probably this fix will be published in the next release.


Issue closed and fixed in this commit.

The original answer is as follow:

I simulated your scenario here. Look:

The sample data set:

CREATE (node1:Node {id:1})
CREATE (node2:Node {id:2})
CREATE (node3:Node {id:3})
CREATE (node4:Node {id:4})
CREATE (node1)-[:NEXT]->(node2)
CREATE (node2)-[:NEXT]->(node3)
CREATE (node3)-[:NEXT]->(node4)
CREATE (node4)-[:NEXT]->(node2)


MATCH t=((:Node {id:1})-[:NEXT*..10]->(:Node {id:4}))

The result:

Result 1

As you can see (and as described in the question) (:Node {id:4})-[:NEXT]->(:Node {id:2}) is returned. However this is because the option "Connect result nodes" is enabled in your Neo4j Browser. You can disable it in the Neo4j Browser settings. Look:


After disabling "Connect result nodes" and running the query again:

Result 2

Note the option "Connect result nodes" are only applicable to the graph visualization of the result. That is: the relation between (:Node {id:4}) and (:Node {id:2}) don't really exists in the result and are not present if you change your visualization to "Table", "Text" or "Code".

  • 1
    Thank you for the very elaborate answer! Unfortunately I have to clarify further. There are no directed cycles in my graph. Please see my edit in the original question above – tscherg Jul 27 '17 at 12:28

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