In the following scenario, I need to check the value of the object property in the fields_for loop.

<%= f.semantic_fields_for :review_details do |rd| %>
  <%= rd.input :review_criteria_id, :as=>:hidden %>
<% end %>

As in the loop, :review_criteria_id is rendered as hidden field, but I have a scenario, where I have to print some more information if it is a specific criteria. How can I get the value of review_criteria_id in the loop. I used:


But since rd is the formtastic object, so I couldn't get the value of :review_crieteria_id.


Formtastic adds additional features to the Rails code, but doesn't take away existing functionality so the following should work for you:


'object' can be used in plain Rails form helpers to access the underlying bound object, and Formtastic honours this convention.

  • I'd add that you can find this by debugging the view. Adding a debug statement (in this case byebug) <% byebug %> inside the fields_for block gives a person access to the builder object itself. You can then call methods on said class and start investigating. – Tass Jul 6 '16 at 21:49

I got it, I can use


object is the default wrapper object for the fields_for loop.

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