I'm trying to export a query from saiku to xlsx. I'm having the following error at catalina.out:

2017-07-20 17:37:00,034 ERROR [org.saiku.web.rest.resources.Query2Resource] Cannot get excel for query (410D8A59-5C67-0D09-B32F-46998228997D) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Merged region A1 must contain 2 or more cells

And this message on the screen:

A página da web em pode estar temporariamente indisponível ou pode ter sido movida permanentemente para um novo endereço da web.

This has started since I made an upgrade to pentaho version 7.1 and version 3.11.1 in saiku, both at the community version.


Saiku makes use of the libraries poi and poi-ooxml for Excel exporting. These libraries are not in saiku/lib/ but in tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib/ (so they depend on the Pentaho version).

In fact, Pentaho 6 has poi-3.12.jar and poi-ooxml-3.12.jar, and Pentaho 7 has poi-3.15.jar and poi-ooxml-3.15.jar. The latter version of poi implements a security check when merging cells for Excel exporting. Therefore, when you select exactly 1 measure, 1 dimension on columns and 1 dimension on rows (which gives you 2 gray cells at the top corner of the rendering table), you will have this error systematically.

One way to work around is to remove the poi libraries 3.15 and replace with poi libraries 3.12 from Pentaho 6. Of course, this is not the best way (which involves rewriting Java code inside Saiku).


I think they have solved it in the 8.1 version, but in the 7.1 you can't export a crosstable with more than one column due to a library bug.

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