I am using raspberry which is running raspbian jessie OS. I tried to install/upgrade the aws-cli using steps provided at https://aws.amazon.com/cli/ Even after upgrade was successful, I get below output

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ aws --version
aws-cli/1.11.126 Python/2.7.9 Linux/4.9.28-v7+ botocore/1.5.89

This was same before installation. Drawbacks: I am not able to see 'iot' as option when I run aws help. Majority of other services like ec2 & s3 are available

What can be the reason behind this behavior? How to solve this?

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    You might have more than one version installed? You can try which aws to view. Then do pip install awscli --upgrade and check that it is updating in the same path. (Might need sudo in front of pip.) – John Rotenstein Jul 27 '17 at 23:52
  • I can't answer why it's happening, but uninstalling and re-installing worked for me. – dillon.harless Dec 12 '19 at 20:05

The reason is that you have to discover witch aws-cli you are executing, try this:

which aws

Se if the path provided is the same of your newer installation. This issue is related to the update of your aws variable in your raspberry.

You can after this, remove both of them and install all over again.

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I have the same issue in MacOs Sierra. See image below, $(which aws) --version works for me.

enter image description here

I created an alias in bash_profile, alias aws='/Users/sasinda/anaconda2/bin/aws' and it worked. It is not a good solution, but thats a workaround. I'd love to know why this is happening.

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