I been trying to figure out how to stream mic data from the android to flutter. I found some example code on how to query mic in chucks but I do not know a way to get the data onto flutter.


I am not sure which classes to look in flutter


I wonder if anyone can help me point to the right direction.


I been digging through example plugins in flutter github and found this.


Unfortunately for me, EventChannel documentation is sparse. I do not believe we can pass streams from flutter to the platform so I can replay whatever I recorded in a feedback loop.

Event callback. Supports dual use: Producers of events to be sent to Flutter act as clients of this interface for sending events. Consumers of events sent from Flutter implement this interface for handling received events (the latter facility has not been implemented yet).


The process is similar to creating a methodchannel, but I need to create an onCancel and onListen in android. Within the onListen, I must create also listener that could receive events. If I want to create audio events, I must use setPositionNotificationPeriod(int) and OnRecordPositionUpdateListener(listener).



On flutter I must create a broadcast stream event


I manage to write my own terrible plugin that is android only atm. If anyone needs it I wonder what permissive license I should add



There is a great tutorial come with examples on official site, I learned everything I need to know there

check it out

  • the tutorial only provide one example of a method channel. I do not know if it can stream data. – user1462442 Jul 29 '17 at 16:30
  • You provide an answer that is along the lines of rtfm. I would had accept the answer if the manual provided enough information to be correct. However, the answer is basically completely wrong. The links provided no documentation of what I should be doing. In fact, I found the correct method by looking through all the premade plugins and the answer was completely different. If you want to answer rftm, be correct. Seriously it helps nobody – user1462442 Aug 15 '17 at 20:16

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