If I open the Developer Command Prompt for VS2015 and run the command

cd /d [local path to branch mapping]
tf workfold

It shows the TFS mapping in my workspace correctly. But when I try using TFPT it keeps saying "Unable to determine the workspace"

Furthermore, running tfpt with no arguments shows it is version 2013 even though I'm using 2015. And installing Update 3 to VS2015 did not change anything!

How do I fix this? I've been having to migrate shelfsets across branches and undo redundant changes manually ever since my computer was upgraded by IT (read: replaced).


Following BFoust's answer to the question How does TFPT.exe find what workspace to work in? the solution for me was to open VS 2013 and connect it to the TFS server, since it had never been used before on my (new) computer.

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