I am creating a TinyMCE plugin with custom button that insert <span>test</span> in current caret position. Moreover clicking this button again while caret is in previously inserted text is removing current <span>test</span> and replacing it with new inserted <span>test</span>.

tinymce.PluginManager.add('test_plugin', function(editor) {
   editor.addButton('test-button', {
      text: 'Insert span',
      onclick: function() {
         var current_node = editor.selection.getNode();

         if(current_node.tagName === 'SPAN') {


It works great but after inserting <span>test</span> the caret get stuck in this span node and I can't move it outside of this span.

Adding &#32; (whitespace) at the end (<span>test</span>&#32;) solves the problem of stucking caret but it is adding redundant spaces every reinsert.

How to solve stucking caret problem?


How to remove redundant &#32; when reinserting?

  • This question was the answer I was looking for (:D), your code works at my end (tinyMCE 5.x.x). Thanks! Commented Dec 13, 2021 at 13:43

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Hmm, sounds wierd. You could try to reset the caret after inserting the span. This might help.

Insert the span in this form <span id="my_new_span">test</span>.

var my_span = ed.getBody().querySelector('#my_new_span');

// remove the id attribute

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