import { Component, Input, Output, EventEmitter } from '@angular/core';

var colorPickerCss = "app/css/ui/color-picker.css";
var colorPickerTemplate = "app/partials/color-picker.html";

    selector: 'color-picker',
    styleUrls: [colorPickerCss],
    templateUrl: colorPickerTemplate

export class ColorPicker{
    @Input() colors: string[] = [];
    @Output() selectedColor = new EventEmitter();
    isSelectorVisible : boolean = false;

    showSelector(value: boolean){
        this.isSelectorVisible = value;
    selectColor(color: string){

} ;

I have written the above code, but I want to understand the functioning of it. My question is, what is the .next() function on this line this.selectedColor.next({color}). What library is it from? I have mentioned the imports above, but I can't really get to the actual definition of this function.


An EventEmitter, extends Subject. When you use next, you fire off an event that all subscribers will listen too. See here. emit is the preferred alternative.

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