I am new in Angular2 and I am learning to make http calls.

I have found Angular2 has these two modules:

HttpModule from @angular/http


HttpClientModule from @angular/common/http

and they both support http calls.

However I don't figure out the difference between them.

Does anyone know about this?

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HttpClient is a new API that came with 4.3, it has updated API's with support for progress events, json deserialization by default, Interceptors and many other great features. See more here https://angular.io/guide/http

Http is the older API and will eventually be deprecated.

Since their usage is very similar for basic tasks I would advise using HttpClient since it is the more modern and easy to use alternative.

  • I replaced my Http with the newer HttpClient. Thanks. – ifelsemonkey Feb 4 at 9:32

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