I use Jint to parse JS code and call functions in it. As I use a multithreaded environment, I use the program-parsing approach as indicated in the response to this issue: https://github.com/sebastienros/jint/issues/384

So what I have is a Jint.Parser.Ast.Program instance. I can iterate through the IFunctionDeclarations in it and find my functions. But I don't know how to actually call the functions...

Dim parser As New Jint.Parser.JavaScriptParser
Dim program As Jint.Parser.Ast.Program = parser.Parse(code)

For Each func As Jint.Parser.IFunctionDeclaration In program.FunctionDeclarations
    If func.Id.Name = myFunctionName Then
        ' How to call the function?
    End If

I only found a way to execute the whole Program. I assume that I must do that, so that the functions are actually defined in an engine. But still, how can I call a certain function in my script?

  • I don't understand why you want to do this. You only want to call your function if it is defined in the script? Why do you need a parser to do this, you can just try to call it if it's defined, is this an optimization? – Tewr Sep 8 '17 at 9:46

Once your program is executed, just use the same method to execute your function. Example is c#

var parser = new Jint.Parser.JavaScriptParser();
// _parserCache is a static ConcurrentDictionary<string, Jint.Parser.Ast.Program>
var program = _parserCache.GetOrAdd(scriptName, key => parser.Parse(code));

foreach (var func in program.FunctionDeclarations)
    if (func.Id.Name == myFunctionName)
        var exec = new Engine();
        // The entire program is executed, to define the function
        // now you can call your function
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  • This is basically what I came up with, too. I just use exec.Invoke(myFunctionName, params) to pass arguments. I was wondering if there was a way to call a function without executing the program, but there isn't – king_nak Sep 13 '17 at 9:28

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