I am trying to use yarn in offline mode because the build server I am using does not have access to yarn registry or github.com.

I found this article on how to use yarn in offline mode which works great until I added node-sass.

It appears even if you use yarn install --offline, node-sass will go to github.com to download libsass.

Is there a way to instruct node-sass to use an offline version of libsass instead of going to github.com?


As @jonrsharpe pointed out, you need to use either --sass-binary-site, --sass-binary-name or --sass-binary-path to to tell node-sass where to find libsass. In my case I ended up using sass-binary-path.

So the first thing I did was download the Windows version of libsass here. I downloaded the _binding.node version because I assumed the _binding.pdb version is a debugging file.

I my case I created a .yarnrc that looks like the below:

yarn-offline-mirror "////sharedrive//folder"
yarn-offline-mirror-pruning true
sass-binary-path "////sharedrive//folder//win32-ia32-47_binding.node"

With the Windows version all / needed to be escaped with //. sass-binary-path needed the libsass binary at the end which in the above case is win32-ia32-47_binding.node.

So with all that everything worked great.

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    This is also an extremely useful method of avoiding the CONSTANT rebuilding of node-sass whenever you use yarn or npm i. – Troy Alford Jun 26 '18 at 21:02
  • I'll reiterate Troy's point... anyone knows successful dev orgs need fast build times. node-sass developers should not be trying to modify the layout of system libraries. yarn seems to be built in a way that forces the ecosystem to leave behind artifacts such as these... where scripts download arbitrary binaries from the internet during the install phase ..... – Avindra Goolcharan Apr 9 '19 at 22:39
  • apk add --no-cache libsass is the way to go if you're using an alpine based Docker image for node – Avindra Goolcharan Apr 9 '19 at 22:41

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