I used rapidJson to read json data. I can build my application in both Debug and Release mode, but the application crashes in Release mode.

    using namespace rapidjson;
    char *buffer;
    long fileSize;
    size_t fileReadingResult;

    //obtain file size
    fseek(pFile, 0, SEEK_END);
    fileSize = ftell(pFile);
    if (fileSize <= 0) return false;

    //allocate memory to contain the whole file
    buffer = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char)*fileSize);
    if (buffer == NULL) return false;

    //copy the file into the buffer
    fileReadingResult = fread(buffer, 1, fileSize, pFile);
    if (fileReadingResult != fileSize) return false;
    buffer[fileSize] = 0;

    Document document;

When I run it in Release mode, I encounter an Unhanded exception; A heap has been corrupted. The application breaks at "res = _heap_alloc(size) in malloc.c file

void * __cdecl _malloc_base (size_t size)
     void *res = NULL;

//  validate size
if (size <= _HEAP_MAXREQ) {
    for (;;) {

        //  allocate memory block
        res = _heap_alloc(size);

        //  if successful allocation, return pointer to memory
        //  if new handling turned off altogether, return NULL

        if (res != NULL)
        if (_newmode == 0)
            errno = ENOMEM;

        //  call installed new handler
        if (!_callnewh(size))

        //  new handler was successful -- try to allocate again

It runs fine in Debug mode.


Maybe it could be a memory leak issue with your Malloc since it runs fine one time in Debug, but when you keep the application up longer it crashes.

Do you free your buffer after using it?

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