Since the process of applying for EMM integration takes an unjustifiably big amount of time and the whole process is described as "incredibly painful" by those lucky ones that went through it, I want to know whether is it absolutely needed to become an EMM in order to have a working Device Policy Controller app (DPC).

If you faced this problem, please share the experience.

I am developing for COSU devices and want to go into a kiosk mode. I am aware of existence of ways of how to do it, but they all implement a bunch of workarounds - this is not an option - I want a controllable, safe and robust way of doing this. I don't care about not having the ability for remote managing also.


You can use Google's new Android Management API to manage Android devices without building a DPC or registering as an EMM.

  • Thanks for the link. I have no idea why I missed this resource when I was investigating the issue. I'll read through it, and if it will solve my problem, I'll let you know and mark your answer. – Sevastyan Savanyuk Aug 5 '17 at 15:40
  • It's a brand new API, it got released a few days ago. That's probably why you didn't see it before. – Fred Aug 5 '17 at 16:50

You just want to write an app that uses Device Policy Owner? That's fairly simple, assuming you own the devices. Just install your app, adb shell in, and run the dpm command to set your app as owner. If you're buying in bulk from a manufacturer you can get them to do it for you in the custom image you install (although you may need to explain what you want, it isn't a common usecase).

Of course everything has its limits. This will work, unless the user manages to do a factory reset. Which you can prevent via the UI, but can generally be reached from recovery modes or from unlocking the bootloader. So its safe from casual intrusion, but if someone really wants to get at your device and they have physical access and time, they can.

  • which manufacturer had done this for you? We've been asking and keep getting stone walled, citing 'google wont let us', which seems very odd seeing as its not a consumer device – Horse Feb 11 at 17:04
  • @Horse A couple of random small vendors out of China. Unless you're also installing Google Play Services, then Google has nothing to do with it- use an AOSP build. More likely they either didn't know what you wanted, or you were ordering in too small a volume to be worth the effort for them. – Gabe Sechan Feb 11 at 17:07
  • This is a very large chinese manufacturer I am dealing with, so suspect the volume + effort thing. They have been VERY unhelpful so far :( The problem is getting the custom AOSP build onto many 1000 devices easily. Thanks for your response! – Horse Feb 11 at 17:12

It is definitely possible to write your own DPC without registering with the EMM community.

The most convenient option for provisioning the devices is via NFC. for example using a second device, as it is quite simple to write a provisioning application.

See Implementing Kiosk Mode in Android (part 3 and 4) for a good example.

I had a few problems with some Android 5 devices, but since 6.0 it works quite well.

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