I have the following traits:

trait Command
trait Status
trait Tr{
    def getOpt(id: Long): Option[Status]

and the following maps:

private val chains: mutable.Map[Long, Tr] = mutable.HashMap()
private val commandsId: mutable.Map[Command, Long] = mutable.HashMap()
private val commands: mutable.Map[Long, Command] = mutable.HashMap()

I want to implement method:

def getStatus(cmd: Command) = commandsId.get(cmd).flatMap(chains.get).flatMap{tr => 
    tr.status(id) //fail, Id was lost at commandsId.get(cmd) step

Is there a compact form of writing this? I suppose for-comprehension would help, but I'm not sure...

     .flatMap { id =>

Or, with for comprehension:

  for {
     id <- commandsId.get(cmd)
     tr <- chains.get(id)
     status <- tr.status(id)
  } yield status
  • Very interesting, thanks much. AFAIK for-comprehension is just sugar. Could you please explain to which it actually compiles? – St.Antario Aug 1 '17 at 16:55
  • 1
    @St.Antario you can check this yourself with the compiler flag -Xprint:parser – puhlen Aug 1 '17 at 16:58

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