From this question, I can point to a local git clone of elixir using a command using something like $YOUR_LOCAL_ELIXIR_PATH/bin/iex -S mix. But say I modify Kernel#length in the Kernel module to print out "hello" before computing the length of a list.

When I boot up $YOUR_LOCAL_ELIXIR_PATH/bin/iex -S mix, and do length([1,2]), "hello" is not printed. This is after I have compiled elixir again in the $YOUR_LOCAL_ELIXIR_PATH with a command like bin/elixirc lib/elixir/lib/kernel.ex -o lib/elixir/ebin as posted in the Elixir readme.

So how do I make changes to the Elixir source code and test out my changes using "iex -S mix" ?

  • Kernel is kinda special. I believe you should cd $YOUR_LOCAL_ELIXIR_PATH && make, bin/elixirc would not compile erlang code. – Aleksei Matiushkin Aug 2 '17 at 4:33

The easiest way to do this is to make sure all the "test" binaries for Elixir occur first in your shell's $PATH variable.


for example. Once you've started the shell, test that you have the correct setup using:

which elixirc

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