I have data like

Col1    Col2    Col3    Col4  
Alpha   DepA    1       A;B;C  
Beta    DepB    2       A;B  
Chi     DepC    3       C  

So, I want to use Col4 as a filter with A,B,C as values and whenever I select A from filter it should display rows that contain Col4 value A(Here first two rows should be the output), if I select A,B in the filter output should be first two rows as they contain A and B. if I select C as a filter then first and third rows should be output as they contain C in Col4.

Filter should be list with checkboxes Col4

so that I can select multiple values or a single value.

How can I achieve that?


You can add a parameter and filter based on that. Create a parameter and manually enter your list of A, B, C as pictured below. enter image description here

Then create a filter with a formula condition as pictured below. enter image description here

After you have these built, just right click on your parameter and 'Show Parameter Control'

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  • OP wanted to select multiple values at a time and with this approach it would not be feasible... right? – Prem Aug 5 '17 at 8:42

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